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White Township Supervisors at White Township Rain Garden
White Township Recreation Complex
White Township Municipal Building
Indiana Fire Station
White Township Municipal Building
Keystone Scholars PA529 - Kick-start your newborns future with a free $100 Grant from the PA Treasury Dept.; restrictions apply.  Flyers and registration postcards available at the Township's Municipal Office; Monday-Friday, 8 am-4:30 pm.    Keystone_Scholars.pdf   

To Report June/July 2017 Flood Damage

For White Township property owners to report property damage that occurred due to the recent heavy rains please print the following form, complete as much information as possible and return to White Township office by either USPS, fax 724-463-0705 or email to milt@whitetownship.org.  Only return the first page of the  document.  Page 2 and 3 are for your use in completing the form by providing definitions of terms used to describe  damages  and dwelling systems.  The document is a Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) document.  The information will be reported to PEMA.

Click to download the Disaster Damage Assessment Form.

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New Billing Format Information Below Township Newsletter Feb. 2016.pdf

 New Recycling Bin Distribution - Please see Alerts page for information

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