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Treatment vs Collection

Why two bills?
White Township charges a quarterly user fee for collection. This fee is used for the operation and maintenance of the sewage collection system including the pumping stations. Part of the fee pays for debt service on the system. Indiana Borough sends all White Township sewer customers a monthly treatment charge since all the sewage that flows through the White Township sewer lines is treated at the Indiana Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

On site Sewer
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Perk Tests
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What is that pipe sticking up out of the ground by my property line?
It probably is the inspection port for your sewer lateral line. It must not be buried or covered by vegetation since it can be used as a clean-out.

Can I flush expired medications down the toilet?
Pharmaceuticals are not removed in the sewage treatment process and end up in the receiving stream. Some large chain drugstores offer “take back days” to allow people to dispose of old medications.

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