What services does White Township provide?

To meets its responsibility to protect the public health, safety, and welfare, the Township provides stormwater services in four keys areas. The cost of providing these basic services during a typical year exceeds $335,000. This cost includes materials, staff time, equipment maintenance, and contracted engineering and dredging services.

  • System Operations & Maintenance – Road Department crews regularly clean and repair the swales, gutters, pipes, and inlets that move rainwater safely through the Township. These activities include bridge and culvert maintenance, cleaning and repairs of inlet grates, leaf collection, street sweeping, and removal of storm debris. The Township maintains a fleet of vehicles and equipment to perform these services, including dump trucks, a vacuum truck, and excavation equipment.
  • Mapping & Plan Review – The Township is in the process of completing a map of its stormwater pipes and inlets. Once complete, the map will enable the Township to efficiently and systematically inspect each feature, track maintenance activities, and plan pipe replacement projects. The Township also reviews land development proposals to enforce land use regulations and ensure that new projects do not have a negative impact on water quality or downstream flooding.
  • Major Replacement Projects – Road Department crews have the equipment and time to replace only small sections of failing storm sewer pipe. However, there are some neighborhoods in White Township that need major system replacement. The Township’s last significant storm sewer replacement project occurred in 2008. Since then, the need to take on major replacement projects has grown. Several large scale capital improvement projects are needed in the next five years to address large areas of the rusted pipes that lead to sink holes in roadways (i.e. Chevy Chase, Oak Hill, Overlook).
  • Program Administration - The Township Manager and Assistant Manager coordinate stormwater management activities and capital improvements. They communicate priorities to the Road Foreman who directs crews on specific projects. The Secretary/ Treasurer and Clerk conduct the administrative activities associated with stormwater services (i.e. human resources, material purchasing, payroll).