First community meets White Township ambulance aid challenge

The White Township/Citizens’ Ambulance Service donation match challenge has been met.

The Center Township board of supervisors on Wednesday approved a $10,000 contribution to our communities’ local emergency medical service and leveraged an equal donation of $10,000 from White Township.

The supervisors on July 28 agreed to donate as much as $50,000 to Citizens’ Ambulance Service as a match to contributions approved by other townships and boroughs in the Citizens’ Ambulance service area.

The match program is in addition to the township’s own annual grant of $100,000 to CAS.

Other communities in the area have endorsed the concept and are studying their resources before deciding on providing aid to Citizens’ Ambulance. The borough council in Homer City in early August announced a willingness to add a donation to the municipal budget.

Citizens’ Ambulance Service has operated at a deficit for many years and has relied on its corporate management resources to stay in business. Rising costs of equipment and supplies have outpaced the level of Indiana County residents’ household subscriptions for emergency care. Meanwhile, insurance companies continued to resist covering the full costs of off-site medical care rendered at patients’ homes or the scenes of emergencies, as they reimburse for traditional medical care given in physicians’ offices and hospitals.

White Township urges area residents to become subscribers, if possible, to Citizens’ Ambulance Service and encourages other municipalities to budget local funds to help sustain this life-saving service to our communities.


PHOTO: Officials with Center Township and Citizens’ Ambulance gathered to celebrate a $10,000 donation from the township to CAS. From left, Citizens' CEO B.J. Pino; township ordinance enforcement officer Harold Lockard; CAS board member Rob Walbeck; township supervisors David "Butch" Smyers, James Gatskie and Matt Housholder; and Citizens' board president Bill Staffen, Mike Dunn and Randy Thomas.