Intersection traffic markings updated

One of the sometimes puzzling or confusing areas for drivers on local roads is the Y intersection of North Ninth Street, North Sixth Street and Fulton Run Road, in northern White Township just outside the Indiana Borough line.

White Township commissioned a traffic study by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the outcome is clear. The Ninth Street and Fulton Run Road connection is the main artery of the intersection and Sixth Street is the “side street” in the configuration.

While all drivers should pause and be cautious at the intersection, it’s the motorists using Sixth Street that are reminded that it’s always a STOP intersection – even though the approach to Fulton Run looks like a straight connection.

The township has posted a stop sign, a second sign as a reminder drivers on Ninth Street have the right-of-way, and now a wide, attention-grabbing “stop bar” stripe on the pavement at the stop sign.

More center line painting is planned to emphasize the Sixth Street-Fulton Run Road artery (both part of Pa. Route 954) is the main thoroughfare.

A reminder, too, for motorists inbound from Fulton Run: Always stop, and yield to outbound Ninth Street traffic before driving through to North Sixth Street.