Last call for autumn leaves collection

Township residents may bag and deliver their yard rakings any time or day to the Indiana County recycling center along Route 119, between Lucerne Road and the Wayne Avenue exit. But the township road crew can handle the leaf delivery for you. Today is the last-chance, community-wide curbside and roadside collection.


So many people love to watch for the changing colors of the autumn leaves. They look great on the trees along the township streets and roads and in our parks and forests.

Covering the lawns, not so much.

The annual White Township leaf collection by the road crew will begin Monday and the township encourages residents to have their leaves ready for pickup.

Take a look at the township's guidelines here (tap or click to view or download).

Bagging them and setting them at curb or roadside is critical to an efficient operation.

Bag them in biodegradable paper bags available at many local home product retailers and supermarkets (they're also sold online). And please, nothing but leaves! And place the bags within easy reach for the township workers.

The leaves become part of the mulch program to help make future lawns and gardens grow.

It’s that easy.

The township crews will make the rounds on five Mondays: Oct. 25 and Nov. 1, 8, 15 and 22. A township worker should be able to carry a bag without assistance. If it’s too heavy, it will be left behind.

The road workers won’t be carrying bags or rakes. Piles of loose leaves won't be taken.

This collection doesn’t change the weekly garbage pickup. Contracted trash collectors will pick up household rubbish at the usual times and on the usual days.

Township residents don’t have to wait until the special Monday pickup to get rid of autumn leaves. They may be delivered 24/7 to the Indiana County Solid Waste Authority recycling center along the northbound lanes of Route 119 between Lucerne Road and the Wayne Avenue exit.

Learn more about handling fallen leaves in the September edition of White Township News (click here to view or download) and read more about the county recycling program in the latest October issue of the township newsletter (click here to view or download).

And please don’t hesitate to email or phone 724.463.8585 with any questions about the White Township fall leaf collection program.




CORRECTION:  Voting districts 4-5 and 6 were reversed in a map in the original version of the digital newsletter and in the print edition of White Township News. Their positions have been corrected in the file attached to this article. District 6 is in the northwest section of the township; District 4-5 is the north-central area.