Maintenance project to seal, secure sanitary sewer pipes

The White Township sanitary sewage maintenance department has an ongoing program of inspecting the township’s sanitary sewage collection system with remote controlled cameras that search the pipelines for cracks or leaks. The effort detects trouble in the pipes before they turn into problems for homeowners and township residents.

Such inspections give reassurance that the below-ground network of pipelines is working as it should. But they also prompt township officials, when necessary, to take corrective action such as a “slip-lining” maintenance project now getting under way in the Pleasant Hills and Chevy Chase neighborhoods.

Tree roots have grown through at cracks and seams and mineral deposits have accumulated, indicating ground water infiltration at pipe joints.

Snyder Environmental Services, of Kearneysville, W. Va., has been brought on board to install about 5,000 feet of PVC pipes into the existing clay pipe sanitary sewage collection system with no excavation required.

Township residents and property owners may contact the township office by email at or phone 724.463.8585 for more information about the inspection and maintenance program or to report possible problems for the crew’s attention.