Peggy Isenberg

Congratulations on your retirment on April 9, 2021

On behalf of the WT Supervisors, Employees and residents, we would all like to sincerely thank Peggy for her public service and dedicated work as the township’s Billing Clerk for over 16 years.  Peggy was one of the kind voices that greeted customers who either called the office with questions on their accounts and/or visited the office in-person to make payments at the front counter.  Always one to offer help with billing questions, she always showed patience and concern as she promptly and efficiently provided answers. 

Peggy is foremost a wife, mother of three and grandmother of four beautiful girls.  Prior to employment at White Township, she operated and managed a daycare center gaining valuable experience dealing with the public and accounting procedures.  Her journey with the Township began on Monday, October 4, 2004.  Why White Township; Peggy said “I’ve lived in the township since I was 16 and thought it would be great to learn more about how local government works.  I was anxious to get back to an office setting and work with customers on a large scale.” 

Her favorite part of the job?  Peggy stated she’s met a lot of “interesting” people.  She was surprised to see how the township employees go above and beyond to help the residents.  Peggy is also one of those that goes above and beyond helping residents and feels her accomplishments include creating and transitioning to the post card billing format and adding over 2,000 new customers since her first day.  All of us at the township will certainly miss her cheerful good mornings and her methodical way she completed her tasks every day.  What will she miss?  “The daily routine and all the friends she has made over the years” Peggy said with a smile. 

The future sees Peggy spending her days in retirement “anyway she wants!”  She claims to have lots of projects lined up that she hasn’t had time to do having worked full-time for so many years.  Her list includes some volunteer work, more time with family and more than one vacation a year.  “Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t like change; but I think this change is one I will enjoy!”  We all want to wish Peggy a well-deserved lengthy vacation and brilliant retirement for many years to come……Cheers!