Putting up a red flag: Work zone crews updated on traffic control procedures

More than 30 public works employees from White Township and other municipalities in the region completed a road flagger training class today at the White Township complex.

The municipal workers learned the duties, requirements and obligations for those who control traffic in road work zones, accident scenes and hazard sites.

Instructor Tim Pieples, formerly of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, said the workers received instruction on managing traffic flow to reduce accidents, injuries and deaths to motorists and highway workers and themselves.

Flaggers are required to complete the course and earn certification before taking on traffic control duties. They must take the course every three years to renew their certificates.

Pieples said the training program, coordinated by Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS), assures all workers across the state are educated to the same standards, and all drivers can expect to encounter the same traffic-control signs and signaling procedures at every work zone they encounter.