Route 286 sanitary sewage plan introduced

Construction of an extension of the Indiana area sanitary sewage system in the Route 286 and Airport Road area is expected to begin in the spring and to serve almost three dozen customers by spring 2023.

The White Township Municipal Authority presented plans to residents and owners of businesses in the project area at an information session Tuesday evening. Staff engineer Dan Jageman said the final design has been completed by consultants Skelly & Loy and contractors will be invited to bid on the project by the end of the year.

The sewage service extension is estimated at $3.4 million. The project will collect sewage from 23 residential and 12 commercial buildings along Route 286; Campbell Lane; Ober, Hamill and Airport Roads; and in a small business park along the highway.

The township now is working with property owners for easements on the project right-of-way. The project will include installation of 7,700 feet of 8-inch gravity sewer, 3,500 feet of 4-inch forced main, 41 concrete manholes and a new sewage pumping station.

Jageman said the project contractor would be responsible for restoring driveways, maintaining access to each home or business during construction and leaving each excavated property in pre-construction condition before the job is done.

Property owner are responsible for the cost of the lateral lines and may have the work done by the contractors they choose. To sustain the project, each property owner will be assessed a tap fee of $1,800 per residence or $1,800 per EDU (equivalent dwelling unit) for commercial customers, a connection fee estimated at $1,920 and service fees of $60 quarterly for collection (billed by WTMA) and $15.95 monthly for treatment (billed by Indiana Borough). Tap and connection fees will be due during construction; collection and treatment billing will begin after service starts in 2023.