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Planning Department

Under the administration of Township Manager Chris Anderson and direction of the White Township Planning Commission, the Planning Department works with local developers, project engineers, state and federal regulatory agencies and others to administer the township’s Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (Chapter 275 of the White Township Code) and help guide individuals through the land development process.

The department also works with the township’s Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee to study and update the White Township Comprehensive Plan and to develop and refine the township’s land development regulations to protect and promote the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of White Township.

The White Township Complete Streets Policy, adopted Aug. 24, 2022, by the board of supervisors, is a guideline for consideration of sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes, bus stops and other means of accomodating transportation of people of all abilities when the opportunities are presented to the township. The policy is a non-binding planning tool that enables the township to promote economic development and improve the public safety, health and quality of life.

The Indiana Community University District has been a highly focused planning effort in the areas around the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus. The project, the first of its kind in Indiana, was a joint effort of the university, White Township, Indiana Borough and Indiana County. The project brought together residents, developers, students, planners and design and community development professionals through a series of highly-interactive public design workshops to rethink the areas around IUP campus.

White Township understands the importance of this university area-centered plan and uses it in long-range planning efforts. The Planning Commission already has followed the plan’s recommendations for land development standards including building height, setbacks and buffer yards. The township’s board of supervisors accepted the commission’s recommendations to adopt the updated land use regulations and incorporated them into the White Township SALDO. The supervisors considered public input from local residents and college students, and have moved forward with items raised at the public workshops and listed in the ICUD Master Plan. They include construction of a dog park and the future planning of sidewalks and trails to urbanized areas of the township.

The White Township Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission continue to encourage smart growth in the township, and the ICUD Master Plan gives the township another tool to continue the development of land use regulations and policies.

Visit the Flood Plain Management Information page to learn about flood-plain regulations and how to view township flood plain maps.

Visit the Agricultural Security Board page to learn about the White Township Agricultural Security Area program. In 2006, The board of supervisors created the White Township Agricultural Security Area in accordance with the Agricultural Security Law. White Township conducts periodic reviews of the Agricultural Security Area pursuant to the law. The security areas are intended to promote more permanent and viable farming operations over the long term by strengthening the farming community's sense of security in land use and the right to farm.