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As mandated by law, White Township and Indiana Borough, in conjunction with the Indiana County Solid Waste Authority (ICSWA) implemented a curbside recycling collection program in 1990. Recycling bins are provided to each household in White Township. Bins are encoded with serial numbers to track and are permanently assigned to a specific address. The bin should not be removed from the address if a change of ownership takes place. Replacement bins can be purchased for $15.00 by contacting the White Township office.

New in 2015, a second bin will be distributed. The additional bin will be a blue 22 gallon bin to be used for Number 1 and 2 plastics only. The maroon recycling bin will continue to be used for all other curbside recyclables.  

The Indiana County Solid Waste Authority (ICSWA) was created to help Indiana County and its municipalities comply with Pennsylvania Act 101 of 1988, the law that governs recycling in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Authority operates the Indiana County Recycling Center and the weekly curbside recycling collection program. 

ICSWA website: