Road Department

Road Foreman: Tim Willis 

Assistant Road Foreman: Kenny Deabenderfer

The White Township Road Department provides many services for the residents of the Township.  Snow-plowing and anti-skid treatment of winter roads, street and bridge maintenance, stormwater, mowing road right-of -ways, new construction projects and an annual leaf and spring pickup are only a few of the many tasks undertaken by the road department.  The crew consists of nine full time employees including the road superintendent and assistant road superintendent.  

The White Township road crew is responsible for the snow removal of over 84 miles of roadway.  White Township has a salt storage shed with a 500 ton capacity or salt and 250 ton capacity of anti-skid.  Magnesium Chloride is sometimes used once temperatures drop below 20 degrees.  The crew utilizes 4 large trucks, 5 midsize trucks and 2 pickup trucks.  A grader and front loader are sometimes used to remove hard pack or heavy ice.   


  • Pothole patching
  • Sign repair
  • Sweeping of roads in both spring and fall
  • Mowing of Township road right-of-ways two times per year
  • Road crack sealing
  • Berm and Shoulder repair
  • Guiderail repair
  • Line painting of 14 roads
  • Tree trimming and removal within the Township road right-of-way



  • Road paving projects-28 miles of roads paved in the last 10 years.  Roads are selected based on age and condition.
  • In House Paving Projects-Paving portions of all short in length roads.  Leveling of  secondary roads for seal coating projects.
  • Dig out bad portions of pavement and repair
  • Install asphalt curbing as needed and at problem areas