Managing stormwater is a core function of White Township’s service to the community. By caring for water quality and preventing damages from floods, White Township works to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its residents. Over the past few years, the Township has taken a closer look at its stormwater program to see how to make it more efficient and more effective at achieving community goals. 

  • Install and repair new and old Township owned stormwater facilities as needed
  • Clean roadway ditches
  • Replacing rusted or deteriorated culverts / stormwater pipes
  • Rebuilding collapsing / deteriorated catch basins.  
  • Cleaning catch basins
  • Pipe cleaning with sewer jet
  • Using a camera to assess stormwater lines
  • Repair of Township bridges
  • After heavy rainfall events:  Check all Township owned and maintained drainage systems and clean as necessary all pipes, catch basins, inlets and outlets