Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification

The Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification, a project of the Pennsylvania Municipal League and Sustainable Pittsburgh, is a voluntary performance recognition program to help municipalities achieve their sustainability goals to save money, conserve resources, and encourage innovation.  It is intended to bring recognition to municipalities that are applying the policy and practice of sustainability as their way of operating in order to advance community prosperity.  Focused on municipal operations, policies, and practices; the certification also serves as a mechanism for sharing best practices for creating a more sustainable Pennsylvania.

The program provides communities with an online structure and performance platform for recognition as they adopt sustainable policies and practices.  The certifications - Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Associate level - is free and strictly voluntary.  The program helps municipalities progress from whatever their municipal practices are or have been in the past toward achieving a sustainable future.


White Township Sustainability
White Township is acknowledged for its progress in such areas as community design and land use, energy efficiency, health and wellness, stormwater, recycling and waste reduction, fiscal controls, and internal management and operations.

Chris Anderson, White Township Assistant Manager, oversees the program as part of his duties.  The township will be adopting a resolution affirming participation in the Sustainable Community Essentials Certification Program within the next six (6) months.

The White Township Manager, Milton Lady, begins working on the budget typically in October for the following year.  Staff discussions and workshops with elected officials are used to determine the needs of the upcoming year.  A minimum of 5-10% of funds are carried over to the next year.  These funds are used for capital improvement projects/purchases.  

PSATS Boot Camp
Newly elected officials attend the PSATS New Supervisors Boot Camp.  This is a comprehensive three-part program on the operations and governance of the Township.  White Township encourages training in all aspects that are beneficial to the township operations.  For more information, visit

Fire Agreement
White Township has a fire agreement with the Indiana Volunteer Fire Department ( to provide service to White Township.  The township works closely with the fire department on an array of safety features and needs of the community. 

Sustainable Initiatives

White Township has an intergovernmental agreement regarding recycling in White Township with the Indiana County Solid Waste Authority.  The Indiana County Solid Waste Authority provides curbside pickup and processing of recyclable materials.  More information can be found on their website at  White Township recycles at the main office building as well as our Recreation Complex and Arena.

Parks and Trails
Along with our own Parks and Trails, the 2.7-mile Hoodlebug Trail runs through White Township.  Visit for more information.

The township works closely with the Indiana County Office of Planning and Development on the Multi Modal planning throughout the community.  Currently, White Township sits on a County Steering Committee regarding the Hoodlebug Trail Connection project.  See

The Indiana County Garden is located in White Township at the JS Mack Foundation Park.  The township was involved in the process with the park to construct the garden and associated storage buildings.  The Community Garden is an asset to the community.  For more information, visit and

Recreation Programing
In 2019, White Township took over the duties of the Indiana Area Recreation Commission.  The township provides programming to all age groups from toddlers to adults.  White Township reaches out to numerous school districts with their recreation program flyer.  Visit the recreation programs websites at and

Municipal Energy Audit
White Township consulted with UNI-TEC Engineers, Inc. to provide Energy Use Audits for many of the township owned facilities including the S&T Bank Arena and the Sewage Pumping Stations.

BioFuel Grant
In 2019, White Township applied for a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection BioFuel Grant.  The grant would kick-off the initiative to change vehicles over to natural gas.  The funds, if received, were to be used for the purchase of two (2) natural gas trucks.