White Township Stewardship Committee

The White Township Stewardship committee is tasked with researching, fact-finding and updating the White Township Stewardship plan including addressing comments from DCNR.  The completed Stewardship Plan will oversee and protect Township properties using best practices and expert recommendations.      

Timeline:  From establishment at the reorganization meeting, the Stewardship Committee shall not exceed 18-months of total time to complete unless permission is received from the Supervisors to extend the deadline.  By the end of 18-months a complete draft shall be submitted to the supervisors for review and approval.     


1 to 6 Months - Research and fact-finding:  The committee should discuss current literature and best practices and bring in various experts to present on a variety of topics including forestry, deer management, storm water mitigation etc.  The committee may make requests to the Supervisors to pay experts for consulting fees. The committee should accept proposals and make recommendations to the Supervisors for approval.  The Committee will write periodic reports to the Supervisors based on the research and fact finding.   

6 to 12 Months - Robust Discussion and Community Feedback:  The committee should establish a series of forums for public input that can include community surveys, open houses, webinars, focus groups and other avenues to engage the public.   The committee will summarize the community feedback and provide periodic reports to the Supervisors. 

12 to 18 Months - Drafting and Review of the Stewardship Plan:  The committee will assist in the drafting of a plan based on expert recommendations and community feedback. Once complete the draft plan will be submitted for review to the Supervisors for review and approval.  The approved Draft will then be submitted to DCNR for approval, any comments by DCNR will be addressed before finalizing the Stewardship Plan.    

Committee Members
     Barb Hauge, Chair
     Sierra Davis
     David Dahlheimer
     Jeffrey Geesey
     Matthew Klunk